Individuals [noun]

Definition of Individuals:

singular person, thing

Synonyms of Individuals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Individuals:

Sentence/Example of Individuals:

Gilbert was one of those petted individuals who carry the good-will of others by storm.

The proglottides are sexually complete individuals, derived from the scolex by budding.

Besides, acts of Parliament do not generally affect individuals, and every interest is represented.

More recently general statutes have been enacted whereby individuals may form such corporations without the aid of a legislature.

The courts also say, that he can sell his stock to other individuals and thus practically revive a dying corporation.

Because such covenants are made, not merely in the name of the individuals who enter into them, but also in the name of posterity.

The plantation owners also became the influential individuals within the colony‚ÄĒpolitically, economically and socially.

He based this plan upon the premise that democracy would be more successful if greater numbers of individuals were educated.

But they were all, individuals and corporations, to be united in a new corporation, which was to be called the General Society.

Thus, when the audience madly rushed for an exit, numerous individuals were crushed since the doors could not be opened outwardly.