Indocile [adjective]

Definition of Indocile:


Opposite/Antonyms of Indocile:


Sentence/Example of Indocile:

The Indian, of the type which we have chosen to judge him by, is pre-eminently indocile and inflexible.

They appear to live upon horseback, and are indolent, indocile, and useless out of the saddle.

We were alone, and I think I was always less indocile, less unamiable, when there were few witnesses of my behaviour.

How superior also the elevated brain of the poodle dog, when compared with that of the indocile, snarling cur!

When Arguelles was her governor, she was indocile and refractory; under the care of Olózaga she only remained three months.

He is a very bold and powerful creature, and becomes more fierce and indocile with age.

The untrained and indocile youth, however, is made the subject of compulsory distribution.

They are indocile, quick-tempered, and very dangerous to handle, despite the fact that they do not always resist being disturbed.

And again, for it was all the affair of the veriest moment, the slaves rushed once more on their indocile victim.

The prince was neither timid, nor indocile, nor fretful; but his education was very much behindhand.