Indolently [adverb]

Definition of Indolently:

casually, unhurriedly

Synonyms of Indolently:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indolently:

Sentence/Example of Indolently:

The other, calmer, lying down indolently, requires some little encouragement from his Auvergnoise attendant.

She found Margaret lying indolently in the hammock which was strung across the wide shaded verandah.

Her new beau then, carelessly seating himself by her side, indolently said: 'What a heat!

The broad stream was filled with boats, in which charmingly-dressed women indolently reclined on bright-hued cushions.

He was seated on the ground with his back to a tree, and Hurry stood near him indolently whittling a twig.

After a while she sat down on a step, and leaned her head back against the railing; her eyes were fixed indolently upon the sea.

All this I took in while he, leaning indolently back in his chair, was listening to the report of his lieutenant.

"No, just loafin' 'round," drawled the visitor as he settled indolently into a chair which creaked its complaint under his weight.

Zulma Sarpy sat in her bedroom, indolently stretched upon a rocking chair before a glowing fire.

Indolently stretched upon a cushion at her feet he chatted with her.