Indomitable [adjective]

Definition of Indomitable:

steadfast, unyielding

Synonyms of Indomitable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indomitable:

Sentence/Example of Indomitable:

When Tim hesitates he loses his temper as a sensible man should lose it—he buries it, and his indomitable good humor wins.

Your indomitable bravery will suffice to frustrate the attempt to carry out their plans.

When the main French columns were deployed, Lannes, with the remnant of his indomitable corps, had a brief period of rest.

Ugly washes were coming over, but they lashed themselves to the pump and set to work like the indomitable seadogs that they were.

Over her face there passed strange lights, strange tremors, a strange softening of the small indomitable mouth.

He returned to the charge a hundred times, with indomitable gallantry, but it was no use.

He was wise in council, energetic in business, indomitable in resolution, and heroic in battle.

The reforms introduced by the gallant general bore the impress of his genius and his indomitable will.

He dreaded the outcome of an interview between this shrewd, penetrating, and indomitable woman and the lawyer.

He is cool, collected, indomitable; and it is but just to him to say that he was humane to his prisoners.