Indoors [adverb]

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Spending a lot of time indoors will likely result in you discovering something about yourself.

Only remove your mask indoors if you’re in your own home or in special circumstances, like eating in a restaurant that observes proper physical distancing between tables.

What the league discovered through its exhaustive efforts — and various outbreaks and setbacks from Baltimore to Tennessee — is that in-person meetings of even less than 15 minutes indoors could sicken people, with poor ventilation and no masking.

He’s job hunting, and he said that if he was offered a position that put him indoors on Valentine’s Day, “I would have to take it.”

People are dying because of our failure in this country to effectively utilize proven methods of stopping the spread of the disease, particularly mask wearing and not gathering in large crowds indoors.

For most of that time, it traveled around with my camping kitchenware in the back of my truck, but since the pandemic hit and I’ve been driving a lot less, it’s found its way indoors.

With transmission levels high, and variants spreading across the country, dining indoors is one of the highest-risk activities one can do.

Plus, Caleb missed seeing his friends indoors, and seventh-grade Zoom school was slow.

If you are following proper social distancing measures, not spending time indoors with people you don’t live with, and washing your hands, a multi-layer cloth mask should be sufficient.

The reason most of us typically head indoors during a ski day is to warm up.