Indubitably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Indubitably:

The majority looked as if they belonged to the higher walks of Bohemia, and quite a fourth were indubitably fashionable.

This man was indubitably clever, and to a less educated eye than Gwynne's his face would appeal and fascinate.

It wants a great mental effort to recall events that are as indubitably past as if they had never happened at all.

But you are doubtless quite right to adhere to him; indubitably he adhered to you.

She then offered me the cup, which I was about to taste, when I perceived that the liquor was indubitably alcoholic!

These are indubitably comments on the sacred texts very much more modern in form than the texts themselves.

Indubitably he had made a terrific and everlasting impression upon Mr. Bryany.

Others start with the idea, which seems to me indubitably right, that these opponents did accept support from the Church.

A child of intelligences, remote and unguessable, working corporally in metals, it indubitably was.

And the grotesque thing about the story is that Robespierre was indubitably honest.