Inducing [verb]

Definition of Inducing:

cause to happen; encourage

Opposite/Antonyms of Inducing:

Sentence/Example of Inducing:

The abnormal rise in wages had the bad effect of inducing the natives to leave their pastoral pursuits to flock into the towns.

Under this name he hoodwinked the cunning Cerizet, inducing that "man of business" to endorse some notes for him.

We have also established post-graduate courses, in the hope of inducing our young men to complete their studies at home.

Do you improve the Oriental Christian by taking him out of the Church of his fathers and inducing him to join any other body?

For a time hopes were entertained of inducing the company to accept the jurisdiction of Rhode Island, but they were futile.

I should not despair of inducing this very man to undertake the work.

The bathing-place, as a means of inducing personal cleanliness, would have its uses.

But the more numerous part, aided by the eloquence of Bienville, succeeded in inducing them to remain.

Even simple scratches are often fatal in these over-fat animals, from inducing gangrene.

Again, an agent acts at a particular time and not at another because of reasons and circumstances preventing or inducing action.