Indulged [verb]

Definition of Indulged:

treat oneself or another to

Synonyms of Indulged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indulged:

Sentence/Example of Indulged:

Peter often indulged in a half-joking zombie apocalypse mentality.

Amy Taylor, the audaciously charismatic singer of the fantastic Australian garage punk band Amyl and the Sniffers, indulges her long-stated affection for hip-hop on the former.

The unwillingness to level with people conveys disrespect for their intellect as if they were children who must be humored or indulged.

Finding comfort together in this pandemic winterWhile on bed rest, I indulged my guilty pleasures.

Along with each region sporting a new experience to indulge in, Belize's stunning wildlife leaves nothing to be desired.

Going back, Liszt indulged in a little graceful badinage apropos of the concerto.

For many years, so far as opportunity and means allowed, I indulged myself in this best of all exercises.

It is curious that dancing is not mentioned, but dancing in the olden days in Ireland was not, I believe, much indulged in.

Miss Winter looked at Etheldred reprovingly, and she shrank into herself, drew apart, and indulged in a reverie.

Even the paradoxes he indulged in, which sometimes irritated and sometimes amused us, bore the stamp of genius and thought.