Indulgent [adjective]

Definition of Indulgent:

lenient, giving

Opposite/Antonyms of Indulgent:

Sentence/Example of Indulgent:

It feels more indulgent than the usual PB&J or energy bar but is still easy to snack on during lift rides without making a mess.

Parents are notoriously more indulgent of later-born children, letting them go out more at a younger age — including engaging in unsupervised informal play.

I would love some ideas for pre-Thanksgiving snacks that feel fun and indulgent, but won’t make me too full for the actual meal.

It is not indulgent or escapist to engage with art on levels outside of the political, or to free art from the shackles of the state.

Isabel's eyes were dancing with so purely youthful and feminine a triumph that he could not but feel indulgent.

Undoubtedly, as they grow stronger and stronger, it will be wise in the home government to be more and more indulgent.

He delivered his repeated phrases with an unctuous indulgent roll that made Gwynne long to grind his teeth.

He was a loving, indulgent father, and the girls adored him, but no sterner disciplinarian ever held sway.

Elsie would think it self-indulgent and abominable to stay in bed to breakfast—I don't.

The party verify the depressions conscientiously, and click their tongues to express indulgent contempt.