Indulging [verb]

Definition of Indulging:

treat oneself or another to

Synonyms of Indulging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indulging:

Sentence/Example of Indulging:

A random assortment of outdoor enthusiasts gathered to indulge in the spot’s famous baked goods, most notably the huckleberry bear claws.

To replicate the level of mixology you previously only indulged in at a proper establishment, Shaker & Spoon stretches its tastes and ingredients well beyond simple classics like Old Fashioneds and martinis.

I offer the fire pit option only because, for me at least, gathering with a few others around a fire, the vast outdoors around us, has felt like one of the few true comforts of the past eight months, and one of the few that seems safe to indulge in.

The book is filled with images submitted from followers all over the world from more than 200 locations, encouraging the reader to indulge in a bit of virtual wanderlust and add some new places to the travel bucket list when borders reopen.

Unlike Truman, he has had difficulty remaining on message, and invariably has indulged in meandering narcissism.

If he had expected to find her languishing, reproachful, or indulging in sentimental tears, he must have been greatly surprised.

The steward, a young mulatto, had contracted the bad habit of indulging too much in liquor.

The man's nature was inquisitive, and he was indulging idle conjectures as to what might be the news this courier brought.

Lady Hartledon had dismissed her maid, and stood leaning against the arm of the sofa, indulging in bitter rumination.

He dropped the ever-pleasant conversation in which he was indulging with a famous lady novelist and became alert instantly.