Indurate [verb]

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Even where there is no plastering, the tattooing may be found to indurate the skin, and to render it less sensible to cold.

A thousand years after your body has returned to dust, that piece of Indurate will still exist, unchanged, unworn.

Ganeth-Klae designed it just before he disappeared, using the last lot of Indurate in existence.

He used the last lot of Indurate to make that booster, a device which he said would increase our take-off speed.

Stark and indurate like an Adirondack meadow enameled with trap rock, he plodded rigidly on.

Can we consistently blame her if she becomes callous, when every legal provision directly tends to indurate her sensibilities?

The drops that trickle within the cavern harden, yet brighten into spars as they indurate.

Imogen was deaf to their expostulations, and indurate and callous as adamant to their persuasions.

Underneath these coherent and indurate ledges the most valuble ores exist, but coal and fossils are searched for in vain.