Industrialism [noun]

Definition of Industrialism:

commerce, trade

Opposite/Antonyms of Industrialism:

Sentence/Example of Industrialism:

This is Pittsburgh, the heart of American industrialism, whose spirit moulds the life of the great Nation.

The modern industrialism is a combination of preaching and practice.

It is a neighbourhood where natural beauties contend with the ugliness of industrialism, and usually emerge triumphant.

Industrialism must take it down and rebuild it upon the rock of classless labor.

In 1765 Watts steam engine was constructed, a very important date in the history of industrialism.

This form of industrialism may consequently be called "socialist industrialism."

But there is industrialism and industrialism, each answering the demands of a particular stratum of the wage-earning class.

The best examples of the "middle stratum" industrialism are the unions in the garment industries.

On the issue of industrialism in the American Federation of Labor the last word has not yet been said.

There has always been a great urban industrialism and a great commerce.