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If I was going to have to rebuild my life in this industry — and we all had an opportunity to do this — I didn’t want to rebuild it 100 percent like the life that I had before.

Six months after the crisis became a pandemic, the TV and streaming industry seems to be settling into a new normal than more closely resembles the old normal than may have been expected back in March-April.

“You don’t get to cross pollinate like that from industry to industry,” she said.

Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that almost from the start of the crisis, the meatpacking industry and the USDA were largely focused on how to keep workers on the line.

Layoffs are all-too-common in the media industry, especially during an economic downturn.

Huang will also get a large footprint in the mobile industry and smartphones.

Since options contracts can be valuable in their own right—think of a call option that gives you the right to buy a share of Apple at $100 when the market price is $115—they’ve given rise to an industry of speculators as well.

He is a demanding leader who keeps a tight grip on a team that has a rising profile in the chip industry.

As Boeing’s production slowed down and dragged down the entire aerospace industry, TransDigm began furloughs and nearly 3,000 layoffs around the country.

He was experienced in the North Atlantic trade, in seal, whale and cod fishing and other Newfoundland industries.