Industrious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Industrious:

A good neighbour and a regular church-goer, honest and industrious—let us hope that these qualities will be taken into account.

An industrious housewife, she hummed the hymns of contentment and peace from morning till evening.

There must be something wrong with a social system which permits one idle peer to ruin hundreds of industrious producers.

An offer which Jane received from a very honest, industrious, and thrifty jeweler, aroused anew a mother's maternal solicitude.

He complained that he had gone to see a great prince, and had found only an industrious shipwright.

Industrious junior clerks have put away a parcel of it in each one of their beautiful green filing cases.

An evening passed in sewing or knitting, with one good reader to entertain the industrious workers, will be found very pleasant.

For a century, the Irish had had laws requiring the people to be ignorant, and punishing them for being industrious.

Strong it obviously must be, if industrious cultivation and encouragements and threats and exhortations can make it so!

Religious intolerance had driven the most industrious of the working classes to find a refuge in Holland or England.