Industriousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Industriousness:

Cousin Charley's seeming industriousness had reinstated him in Lin's good graces.

As they came out from Rose Beacon, they told above thirty fisher-boats at sea, testifying the industriousness of this people.

Curiosity had been too much for industriousness, and Osmond Orgreave had yielded himself to the general interest.

These were the Wakavirondo, a tribe noted for its industriousness.

It bustled about the big steamer with an industriousness that seemed almost frantic.

The bountiful yield of this product has been brought about almost entirely through the industriousness of Chinese.

The Dutch and Flemish Baroque artists celebrated results of industriousness through mythological themes.

A complex system of incentives and disincentives drives the workforce to dedication and industriousness.

The whole area was under Roman rule and was subjected to the industriousness and meticulousness of Empire.

The noble seigneurs have often heard about the industriousness of the inhabitants of the south of Gaul.