Inebriate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Inebriate:

Thus only can we achieve the suffusion of vision of the happy inebriate.

Never was a bird less of an inebriate, but no crumb or grain could it get except upon the invitation, "Viens, prendre ton Pernod!"

The balls would not stay on the track; the pins stood at inebriate angles.

Its garish aspect ill accorded with the patient misery, the useless repinings, the inebriate stupor which crouched beneath.

He was no inebriate, as he was stigmatized because of the unfortunate incident at his inauguration as Vice-President.

Now suppose that highly cultivated inebriate had belonged to a self-respecting union?

But less lucky wine-bibbers need not be illogical as well as inebriate.

He was as much of an inebriate in his way as ever was drunkard a slave to alcohol.

Suppose we take the sober operative as much by the hand as we do the inebriate.

This being so, each case could only be rationally considered in relation to the social condition of the inebriate.