Inedible [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inedible:

The problem is that 9 times out of 10, what he has prepared is practically inedible.

That is, if it touches an otherwise-desired food, it renders it inedible.

Menhaden fish, found near the surface of the water, are inedible but are now being used for making fertilizer and oil in Virginia.

They were all legs and teeth and bristly fur, the meat almost inedible.

In India the bird is considered inedible, but we were glad of it in Tibet, and discovered no trace of fishy flavour.

Camembert at its best is one of the finest of all cheeses; when bad, it becomes quickly inedible and is a total loss.

As with other valuable things, this inedible fruit is food for quarrelling.

After the puffball has matured, the contents change into a brown, dustlike mass, and the top falls off; and it is then inedible.

He had a moment of uplift at the teachers' cafeteria when he discovered lunch to be virtually inedible.

Why shouldn't she learn to make seed meal, to catch and cook rabbits, to distinguish edible cactus from inedible?