Ineffectively [adverb]

Definition of Ineffectively:


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Sentence/Example of Ineffectively:

If they continue down that path in the coming months they will risk being seen as robotic and ineffective.

Housing experts say it’s premature to declare Faulconer’s reform efforts ineffective.

Not only is it awkward and ineffective, but it would also be dangerous to risk his safety and be ill-prepared for the job at hand.

They realized that amorphous goals of “slowing the spread” or “flattening the curve” had been ineffective in mustering public support for the stringent mitigation measures that would be necessary to contain the virus.

If patients take ineffective drugs that amount to little more than sugar pills, their chronic conditions could spiral out of control.

After the usual means for resuscitation had been ineffectively tried, her heart was laid bare.

We replied ineffectively, for we had no means of dislodging them, nor did the cavalry when they came up.

Yet a few yards to Yeobright's left, on the open heath, how ineffectively gnashed the storm!

The French replied from some old guns on the hills as well as three shots from the Zelie, but ineffectively.

The imbecile sounds stopped, but the lips worked ineffectively again.