Ineffectual [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ineffectual:

When Superman and Batman doffed their costumes to become Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, they revealed personae as ineffectual as Don Diego, the ennui-ridden, apolitical dandy who delights in playing parlor tricks with his handkerchief.

This model is meaningfully distinct from the constituency statutes in some states that seek to strengthen stakeholder interests, but that stakeholder advocates condemn as ineffectual.

Who can understand its nature, its operations, the sufficiency which is not sufficient, and the efficacy which is ineffectual.

We had heard the roar of her guns, and the quick, ineffectual firing from Fort McAllister.

Gaolers and soldiers, utterly taken aback by this sudden onslaught, made but ineffectual resistance.

In some places an ineffectual resistance was made, and several lives lost on both sides.

A rift in the opposition was started, and an attempt to close it by a conference two days later was ineffectual.

Now let the great English classics hide their diminished heads and pale their ineffectual fires!

Long's expedition was the third ineffectual effort of the federal government to discover them.

He will see the entire machinery of city government made ineffectual in the sacred name of Reform.