Ineffectually [adverb]

Definition of Ineffectually:


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Sentence/Example of Ineffectually:

We passed several large sting-rays asleep on the surface of the sea, which our people ineffectually endeavoured to harpoon.

I tried to stanch it with my waistband, but ineffectually; it relieved him for a moment, and he asked for water.

I found myself protesting ineffectually against her fixed conviction.

The light of a shrunken sun shone down coldly and ineffectually upon a jagged and distorted landscape.

So much against his will had the affair occurred, that he had repeatedly but ineffectually commanded his men to desist.

Pedro gladly went, and all that day tried ineffectually to conciliate the angry man by patience, gentleness, and obedience.

Once more Napoleon fought brilliantly, but now he fought ineffectually.

He called on the name of God at that, and tried ineffectually to rise, and tugged frantically at the bandages which bound him.

We strive to subdue—quite ineffectually—our air of conscious superiority, and squeeze the hands of Dukes and Duchesses.

This time the wait was longer, and the Americans ineffectually sought to take advantage of it.