Inefficacious [adjective]

Definition of Inefficacious:


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Sentence/Example of Inefficacious:

All attempts at cure proving inefficacious, he had at length to settle down once more in London.

The next was in 1641, when Charles I. returned from his imprudent and inefficacious journey into Scotland.

I therefore once more directed squill, with decoction of seneka and sal sodæ; but it was inefficacious.

The trials were made only on small animals, but in each case the alleged remedy proved inefficacious.

Their united efforts were vain, however; and even the remedies suggested by Apollo, god of medicine, proved inefficacious.

The padlock was never fixed upon the mind, and even the lock and key, prescribed by act of parliament, were found inefficacious.

The earliest English treaty with Tunis was dated 1662; many more followed, and all were about equally inefficacious.

Stouter cords of hemp were then used, but they proved equally inefficacious.

Then he ordered him to be whipped; but the whipping proved as inefficacious as the admonitions.

In his case at least the touch was inefficacious, for he was subject to scrofula all his life.