Inefficient [adjective]

Definition of Inefficient:

not working well; wasteful

Opposite/Antonyms of Inefficient:

Sentence/Example of Inefficient:

Execs also believe that speed as well as fewer in-person meetings will remain as flying across the country when you know you can get something done over Zoom may be seen as inefficient and unnecessarily expensive now.

The IEA notes that the best technology available is more than twice as efficient as the average of what’s actually in use around the world, and three times better than the most inefficient products on the market.

Up until this capture, we’d placed our noose carpets along the riverbank in areas we hoped the owls would land, which was inefficient.

It is economically inefficient to preserve jobs in companies that are unlikely to survive the structural changes of the fourth industrial revolution.

In fact, in some ways, Xi Jinping himself was picked because of the party’s fear that, in the period after SARS, it was losing control of parts of society because it was seen as corrupt, as inefficient, as incompetent.

In 1997, Ed Glaeser did his own analysis of rent control in New York City, trying to determine just how economically inefficient it was.

The use of grout is, therefore, a sign of inefficient workmanship, and should not be countenanced in good work.

They continued to be of some service to the community in the inefficient condition of the public police.

The last governor was kind, but inefficient, and some months ago was sent to the West Indies, where he is officially buried.

Was our devotion paid to the wretched, inefficient, clumsy contrivance, which this new doctrine would make it?