Inefficiently [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Inefficiently:

That sundry vessels have broken the blockade is as palpable as that it was for some time most inefficiently conducted.

I deem it doubly unfortunate that so much valuable brain energy has been inefficiently expended in the discussion of electrolysis.

Under such circumstances its functions were very inefficiently performed.

In the inefficiently installed Muse are many of the finest gems of antique sculptures and statuary yet found in Africa.

How inefficiently she had worked out her own destiny—she who long ago had been so rigid in her condemnation of him!

The 'goods delivered' in the schools are not educational in the best sense, and are all too often inefficiently offered.

Little or no care, however, is bestowed on the trees; and weeding is done very inefficiently.

If this is neglected or inefficiently performed, the result is scarcely doubtful.

Four of the line were about Minorca, constantly, though inefficiently, threatened from the adjacent coasts of Spain.

The cantons were supreme; and governed as inefficiently as other governments under the protecting shade of the Holy Alliance.