Inelegantly [adverb]

Definition of Inelegantly:

with difficulty

Synonyms of Inelegantly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inelegantly:

Sentence/Example of Inelegantly:

She never acted inelegantly during the whole time we lived together.

He censures Leo Allatius for a title which appears to me not inelegantly conceived.

I returned, touched the ladder tentatively with my feet, refastened the window, and descended—perhaps inelegantly.

At this Tubby seized his purchase and rather inelegantly rejoined, "Not on your life!"

It is a drama in the epic style, inelegantly splendid, and tediously instructive.

Was he what old Flagg had so inelegantly stated—a sapgag where a girl was concerned?

The breakfast call was rather inelegantly expressed when infantry and cavalry troops were camped close together.

With a shade of chagrin Mr. Wentz returned to his desk, telling himself inelegantly that she was “feeling her oats.”

The man looked at her rather more closely, and a moment later was bowing even more profusely and inelegantly than before.

The groom rushed forward; Mollie leapt inelegantly but safely to the ground, and bent over him with anxious questioning.