Ineligibility [noun]

Definition of Ineligibility:

disability; rejection for participation

Synonyms of Ineligibility:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ineligibility:

Sentence/Example of Ineligibility:

A company will get rules 1-4 right but will use some language that makes the result ineligible for the featured snippet.

They may not meet a trial’s inclusion criteria—they may be too old or too young, or have comorbidities such as high blood pressure that make them ineligible.

She said different prosecutors could handle the state’s ineligible voting law differently, noting that Georgia’s secretary of state vowed to investigate about 1,000 people who allegedly voted twice in elections this year.

A program supporting Americans who are typically ineligible for unemployment benefits will expire at the end of the year, with millions still relying on it as the labor market sputters.

Plus, they were pleased to be able to allow several workers ineligible for unemployment to continue working.

Hughes said the housing authority denied Gladden’s request, claiming that she was ineligible because she didn’t file quickly enough.

The decrees on the ineligibility of the high Bonapartist functionaries only affected shadows.

"A certain sort of ineligibility, dear boy," returned the lady with a flattering cadence.

Ineligibility of slaveholders—never another vote to the trafficker in human flesh!

Finding it difficult to explain his convictions of her ineligibility, Clarence thought it equally crushing not to give any.