Inept [adjective]

Definition of Inept:

clumsy, unskilled; incompetent

Synonyms of Inept:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inept:

Sentence/Example of Inept:

You should probably also zap a Dan doppelganger who is missing its right eye, as that is likely to be an inept evil clone.

The visitors made a game of being awkward and inept, together.

The "for" is spurious, and though it is not inept the sentence gains greatly in impressiveness by its omission.

The endearment is so plaintively inept that she smiles in spite of herself, and resigns herself to indulge him a little.

It is inept for pigmies to stand before one who has every intention of becoming a rapacious pirate shortly.

He had meant to test his conviction in solitude, but why not put it to trial now, and shame this doubting and inept Rapp, Senior?

Justice Johnson dissented in an opinion as inept and unhappy as his dissent in Fletcher vs. Peck.

Lewis, his soul a volcano, struggled for the most calm and inept words.

As a class they are wonderfully inept; and their hands are practically useless, save as ring-stands and glove-stretchers.

Jamison made the usual inept jests suited to such an occasion.