Ineptly [adverb]

Definition of Ineptly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ineptly:

Sentence/Example of Ineptly:

He sees them now for the inept franchise they are, just as he sees an NFL that is not all fun, football and riches.

In consequence of the peculiar legend, the stamp has been dubbed, not ineptly, the "has been" stamp.

That lover of hers, whom we are presently to see, has compared her ineptly with Joan of Arc, that other maid of France.

"Oh, I had nothing else to do," he murmured ineptly, and was suddenly conscious that he still held her hand.

They were, in fact, almost arrogantly civilian, coming from a country which had dared ineptly to look down on its defenders.

Hoddan was again in sanctuary inside the Embassy they'd guarded so ineptly through the dark.

Metaphysics was not ineptly called so, since it had in time come after the cruder physical hypotheses.

And then I proceeded still more ineptly by begging him not to be disturbed.

Vaniman was on his feet while Wagg was rising; the guard's slow mind was operating ineptly on his muscles.

Nothing of all this I knew, so ineptly had I managed my chances to obtain it.