Ineptness [noun]

Definition of Ineptness:

disabling lack of talent, skill

Opposite/Antonyms of Ineptness:

Sentence/Example of Ineptness:

The job in 2021 is Arline’s to lose at the moment, and he’s focused on getting bigger, stronger and faster and mastering an offense that Niumatalolo repeatedly called “inept” during the season.

In April, Tony Thompson, the Sheriff of Waterloo, Iowa ,told Rachel Maddow that Tyson displayed “inept, reactionary and dysfunctional responses” to the pandemic.

People could also just be inept at figuring out what will make them happy in love.

Their "lameness" and "ineptness" and "impotence" plainly arose from disinclination alone.

"We've had infinites already—infinites," thought Oliver, and didn't care about the ludicrous ineptness of the words.

If these two noticed Angel's growing social ineptness, he noticed their growing mental limitations.

"Don't be too indifferent, Cora," said her mother, with ingenuous ineptness.

The inefficiency and ineptness of the Secretary of State have been a reproach to the country.

Mortified by the consciousness of his own ineptness—or ineptitude—the fellow was simply trying to hamper and obstruct.

The other was found in the ineptness of the Ottoman government.