Inequalities [noun]

Definition of Inequalities:

prejudice; lack of balance

Opposite/Antonyms of Inequalities:

Sentence/Example of Inequalities:

Few persons can attain to adult life without being profoundly impressed by the appalling inequalities of our human lot.

She thinks of politics, and of the tyranny of kings and nobles, and of the unjust inequalities of man.

The seclusion in which she lived encouraged deep musings upon these vast inequalities of life.

Upon the bones of the legs there are inequalities which denote muscular ligatures stronger than those of the lion.

And if so, is not learning a general remedy for the inequalities among men?

We together leaped over great inequalities in the floor, performing these aerial feats almost as easily as a bird flies.

His fight against inequalities of rank is, as it were, a foretaste of the revolution.

Will the masses of the people submit any longer to the existing inequalities in political representation?

It was flat upon58 the top, and graded with earth so as to be quite level and free from inequalities.

And they learned to accept the inequalities of life without repining insolence.