Inerrant [adjective]

Definition of Inerrant:

unerring, dependable

Opposite/Antonyms of Inerrant:

Sentence/Example of Inerrant:

They are representing the purposes of God in His inerrant governmental dealings with the earth.

We believe prophecies, not because history has measured up to them, but we believe them because they are the inerrant Word of God.

His reason, if we prefer to call it such, is practically inerrant.

Its musicianship—the sheer technical artistry which contrived it—is stupefying in its enormous and inerrant mastery.

This formula is the divine challenge to every form of unbelief in an inerrant Bible.

For how can faith in an inerrant Bible and unbelief in its inerrancy abide in harmony in the same house?

No one can accept the theory of evolution and the doctrine of an inerrant Bible at the same time.

Instinct is not always inerrant, though it makes fewer mistakes than reason does.