Inertness [noun]

Definition of Inertness:


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Sentence/Example of Inertness:

It was inert and nonflammable, making it safe for the materials it kept frozen as well as the field technicians transporting them.

His education was deficient; it had not been carried on steadily, and he had been allowed to indulge a constitutional inertness.

This was quite an event, and gave a fillip to the inertness of Madame de Fontanges, whose curiosity was excited.

Her inertness vanished; the sudden anger and wonderment in her eyes met the passion in his.

It shows that the trouble lies in the inertness of established habit.

Its moral inertness, its lack of spiritual enthusiasm, gave it less and less hold on the religious minds of the day.

If the study of physics has taught us anything, it is that nowhere in Nature is inertness or quiescence to be found.

Its flesh was good for food, and from its inertness and incapacity for defence, the race was extirpated in a few years.

The Master seems to chide the inertness of his servants when he says, “the fields are white already to harvest.”

Furthermore, Carlsons results104 confirmed the Councils previous conclusion as to the inertness of secretin administered by mouth.