Inevitability [noun]

Definition of Inevitability:

need, essentiality

Opposite/Antonyms of Inevitability:

Sentence/Example of Inevitability:

Finding a callingBjerg’s high profile, lucrative career path was anything but inevitable as he grew up in Mejdal, Denmark, a town that did not have a restaurant until a pizzeria came to town during Bjerg’s teenage years.

When Allen suffered an ankle injury in the first quarter of Washington’s loss to the New York Giants last Sunday, it was inevitable the offense could change again.

Massive fraud was inevitable—the Justice Department set up a PPP team the day the program was established—and is increasingly coming to light.

As more research is done in house at giant tech companies, certain trade-offs between the competing demands of business and research will become inevitable.

It seems inevitable humans will continue to destroy nature for a long time.

A Masters title — or any major championship, anywhere — once seemed inevitable.

Get out and take advantage of this gift before the inevitable cooler weather returns.

For other employees, however, the end of Great Big Story was inevitable.

He cited a rise in Covid patients in the hospital and warned, “if we do nothing, the inevitable result is that these numbers will go up and they will eventually exceed the peak that we saw in spring.”

They are also very clear about the political consequences that seem inevitable if they don’t.