Inevitably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Inevitably:

Winners, like Tesla, and losers, like Solyndra, inevitably emerge.

A treat for walkers, joggers and bikers before the winter cold inevitably arrives.

It makes sense to think demand will inevitably rebound briskly, sending Brent and WTI higher in the year to come.

This “is high enough to slow measles or interrupt it for periods of time, but it inevitably leads to the accumulation of susceptible children, and eventually this flares up into outbreaks,” says Crowcroft.

All government focus was turned to combating coronavirus and Cummings himself inevitably became part of the story.

Like our neighboring jurisdictions, we are acting now to slow the spread that will inevitably lead to a hospitalization surge at a time when our hospitals are operating near capacity.

As case numbers have risen across the country while the weather turns colder, positive tests and close contacts have inevitably ballooned among NFL players and staff members.

Hippeau said that for any new marketplace, one of the biggest challenges will inevitably be trying to scale, particularly in a world where Amazon’s scale is still unmatched.

Two weeks later, Katie’s dad, Christopher, stood in his slippers in the family’s cavernous kitchen, basting eggs with Kerrygold butter for a daughter who would inevitably forget to eat them.

In a four-page proof posted in late September, David Conlon and Asaf Ferber provided the most precise estimate yet for “multicolor Ramsey numbers,” which measure how large graphs can become before they inevitably exhibit certain kinds of patterns.