Inexactness [noun]

Definition of Inexactness:

error, erroneousness

Synonyms of Inexactness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inexactness:

Sentence/Example of Inexactness:

There is no need to weary readers with a complete list of Mr. MacCarthys exhibitions of inexactness.

The concern of Practical Logic is chiefly with forms of proposition that favour inaccuracy or inexactness of thought.

He must have no hazy impressions, no unthinking mind, no ill-defined ideas, no inexactness.

There is always a slight degree of inaccuracy in definition by synonym, sometimes a large margin of inexactness.

The substance is given, but the inexactness of the copy shows that the words could not have been dictated by Omniscience.

Here take notice that we only say it is not exact, for we believe it at bottom to be true, although not free from inexactness.

In all our operations upon these data, we are liable to mistakes of calculation, but no error can arise from inexactness of data.

Investigators are then apt to become loud in their complaints of its inexactness.

His phrase seemed to admit inexactness in the epithet "mistress."

Inexactness of observation is sure sooner or later to be detected, and to be visited on the head of the man who commits it.