Inexcusably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Inexcusably:

The Yorkists still more inexcusably were in their turn surprised and cut to pieces.

She practically avoided speaking to Lee Randon; and he was certain that she was, cheaply and inexcusably, offended at him.

And in this case the tragedy was the more awful, and the more inexcusably atrocious, because God deliberately planned it.

They were also forgetting, rather inexcusably, that the Bulgars were averse to the idea of the Russians securing Constantinople.

There was something inexcusably cruel in the termination of Baranof's services with the fur company.

Hence those priests who claim God as their author are either deplorably and inexcusably ignorant, or lacking in moral honesty.

She couldn't and wouldn't deny that Mr. Blackburn had been inexcusably rude to his wife at his own table.

I know this is an inexcusably long letter, but it is snowing so hard and you know how I like to talk.

The poor young Children are whipt and beaten by the old ones, who are much more inexcusably impertinent.

It is inexcusably bad taste to tell unduly long stories or lengthy personal experiences.