Inexorableness [noun]

Definition of Inexorableness:


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Sentence/Example of Inexorableness:

It was always—punctually, inevitably, with the inexorableness of a mechanical law—it was always the wrong thing that struck him.

Anything except the silent impersonal inexorableness of the lonely universe.

He will defend the inexorableness of his reasoning, but the premises may change.

He shared the Hebraic sense of the awful mystery and fearfulness of life and the splendor and inexorableness of the moral law.

Roderick looked at him with eyes that still inexorableness made almost tender.

Hartmut was given to the father unconditionally, and Falkenried barred the mother's every effort with iron inexorableness.

She would have exulted in making them feel his inexorableness.

Was there not in the very inexorableness of this silence all that she refused to voice aloud?

The inexorableness of a great will was present in the room as an actual thing.

Behind the simplicity of the words he perceived a terrible inexorableness.