Inexorably [adverb]

Definition of Inexorably:

inevitably, certainly

Opposite/Antonyms of Inexorably:

Sentence/Example of Inexorably:

New cases inexorably lead to new deaths, so the downward trend in new infections seems, at last, to be bringing down the number of people who succumb to covid-19, the disease caused by the virus.

We knew because we understood that more cases inexorably meant more deaths.

In general, virtual events are boring, at least that’s the sentiment bubbling up from both attendees and advertisers eight months after the pivot to virtual due to coronavirus crisis inexorably changed the events business.

He’s been a Hollywood Chris since 2014, but around 2016, he began sliding inexorably from Best Chris to Worst Chris.

From 1910 onward, segregationist laws in South Africa had progressed haphazardly but inexorably.

Every rigor of hard fare, and severe usage, was inexorably brought upon him.

The rest was cloud, a thin veil, but all too much, inexorably hiding from us Changtse and Chang La.

Everything was against me—the minutes even, dwindling away as we moved inexorably towards the final parting.

Maggie erred in not closing the gate of her heart inexorably, and in not resisting the sway of a purely "physiological law."

He had simply to become a wheel in the machinery of the law, to grind slowly, tirelessly, and inexorably.