Inexpedient [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inexpedient:

Then he conclusively proves the first impracticable and the second inexpedient.

It is perhaps inexpedient that the new machine should be seen of the old.

My service is of such a nature that it is inexpedient for him to receive me openly.

But considerations of rank made the appointment inexpedient, and "Mad Anthony" Wayne was named instead.

For this reason it is inexpedient for earthlings to fix their eyes on those who dwell in very high places.

The business under discussion happened to be Barney's, but it would have been inexpedient for him to attend the meeting in person.

Something similar to this period of quiet observation, might not be inexpedient for a noviciate in society.

Other papers had been given to the pages of scientific journals, and their reprint was inexpedient.

This was a reckless assumption, indicative of a shocking disbelief in human nature; an inexpedient conclusion.

He feels that it is inexpedient to communicate truth publicly, especially that of a religious kind.