Inexpensive [adjective]

Definition of Inexpensive:

not high priced

Synonyms of Inexpensive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inexpensive:

Sentence/Example of Inexpensive:

The company’s model focuses on high-output production of relatively inexpensive rockets, which can be responsively shipped and launched virtually anywhere depending on needs.

Because so much of the transmission occurs among people showing no symptoms, giving Americans an inexpensive way to test themselves regularly would be a breakthrough.

Traditionally, lipstick sales go up during an economic recession, as people spend on relatively inexpensive acts of self-indulgence when they can’t afford more.

A 22-volt lithium-ion battery gives 40 minutes of power in a relatively inexpensive and lightweight package.

I would whip up a batch when I wanted an inexpensive, quick-to-make pot of filling food that I could eat for a few days.

You can use a general wax, inexpensive cooking oil, or even a cooking oil spray.

You either have expensive high-end tech, or very inexpensive options with limited capabilities.

Gear rental is typically inexpensive, and some ski shops offer local delivery.

We favored familiar, inexpensive labels, so while retail stores benefited from increased sales at a time when other businesses were shuttering, the spike primarily helped larger wineries.

They offer opportunities inexpensive and pricey to see them up close and learn what goes into their care.