Inexpert [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inexpert:

The work in this instance is crude, and apparently done by an inexpert craftsman.

Not a small proportion of the responsibility lies at the door of inexpert managers.

It was like an inexpert boxer flailing according to rules unknownand Greys face flamed and actually turned anxious.

When anything had to be done, to tell the truth, she was very inexpert—unready—deeply embarrassed with the unusual necessity.

Also the cook and chambermaid are new, and remarkably inexpert.

Even to Kenwick's inexpert eyes the room appeared somehow dirty and repellant.

These are subjects much discussed by the inexpert, and the author does not feel competent to deal with them.

How the more or less inexpert person discovers questionable showing in these duplications are many.

Her heart needed the wisest management, and those about her were cruelly inexpert in gentleness.

But either the horse had been hurt by inexpert riding and couldn't get up, or he was stubborn and wouldn't.