Inexpertly [adverb]

Definition of Inexpertly:


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Sentence/Example of Inexpertly:

Wiping his chin inexpertly with the back of a grizzled hand, he looked up and eyed his visitor interrogatively.

Mrs. Pocket acted on the advice, and inexpertly danced the infant a little in her lap, while the other children played about it.

He inexpertly gave Mrs. Byron quite a shock by the collision of their teeth.

Within a month or two he had become a fair horseman and could rope a steer inexpertly.

Young fellows in their shirt-sleeves tugged inexpertly at the oars of row-boats laden down with young women.

But even this significant lettering was often so inexpertly executed as to serve no decorative purpose whatever.

The darkness lifted veil by veil, not gradually, but by a series of leaps as when some one inexpertly turns a wick.

The gangway-port opened, and the Academy band struck up, enthusiastically if inexpertly, as he descended to the dock.

He was lanky, with a balding pate, and sported a failed attempt at a moustache, inexpertly daubed on his freckled face.

She struggled inexpertly, fluttering at his touch, bathed in one swift flush.