Inexplicable [adjective]

Definition of Inexplicable:

beyond comprehension, explanation

Synonyms of Inexplicable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inexplicable:

Sentence/Example of Inexplicable:

If the other options are packing orders of yoga pants or putting yourself in uncomfortable sexual situations on camera, it doesn’t seem like such an inexplicable choice.

Both mothers and children experience this unexplainable and inexplicable bond.

The Vikings started 1-5 and suffered an inexplicable loss to the Dallas Cowboys last week.

As scientists take fresh looks at the data behind the Venus announcement, and add other datasets to the mix, the original claim of inexplicable amounts of phosphine is being called into doubt.

The lead developer insisted on delivering alternative explanations for what was happening and for an inexplicable reason fully resisted the recommendation to move to SSR.

The intensity of his sensations seemed inexplicable, unless some reality, some truth, lay behind them.

He had seen her name in a hotel list of Mentone; he surprised her with a visit; he was received with inexplicable coldness.

However great and inexplicable these differences may be, it is not the business of the valuator of a manure to discuss them.

The blood hummed through Garnache's head as he tightened his lips and watched this gentleman indulge his inexplicable mirth.

An inexplicable feeling crept into his heart—the first kindly feeling he had ever known.