Inexpressive [adjective]

Definition of Inexpressive:


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Sentence/Example of Inexpressive:

The dawn of the March morning is singularly inexpressive, and there is nothing to show where the eastern horizon lies.

Almost—not quite; in spite of its inexpressive speech, the narrow house is aware and sensitive beyond, as it were, its poor power.

Simplicity, healthy goodness, the radiance of unsmirched youth seemed to his eyes wholly inexpressive.

"I wonder what made you feel you could," he said, still in the same curiously inexpressive way.

It was plain she was a little puzzled, and took refuge in the conveniently inexpressive "really."

He is an actual curiosity to the quiet, inexpressive people who never can fathom how he manages to talk so frankly and so fast.

Their wistful and inexpressive love for each other was as much of a blight upon them as their inherent antagonism.

Abel's boat and Jonathan Bowden's boat were as distinct and experienced personalities as the men themselves, and as inexpressive.

So saw I move that stately sign, with praise Of grace divine inwoven and high song Of inexpressive joy.

Miss Leeds walked straight across to the coffin and stood looking down on the waxen inexpressive dignity of the dead.