Inextricably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Inextricably:

The issue of national security, for any of these countries as well as the United States, is inextricably interlinked not only with immigration and border policies but also with food security.

Trusted Intelligence and value are inextricably linked, and more value builds more trust.

The race for a vaccine had become inextricably tied to election-year politics, and for months, outside experts had worried that Pfizer’s vaccine might be an “October surprise” pushed prematurely through the regulatory process.

That brings both opportunity and danger, especially for an ad industry inextricably tied to the flow of that money into their margin-based businesses.

That sort of decline would be felt by any supplier let alone one that’s inextricably tied to economic growth — like agencies are.

To the lay eye it appears that the whole movement has got itself inextricably snarled.

Opinions and sentiments are inextricably interwoven with some of these earlier stories that do not seem to be mine to-day.

The worker's life is inextricably bound up with the profit of the capitalist—no profit for the capitalist, no life for the worker.

In the shock the 'St. Helen's' took fire; and as the two ships were inextricably locked together, the danger was common to each.

Horse and foot were inextricably mixed as the first of the panic-stricken wretches broke and fled.