Infallible [adjective]

Definition of Infallible:

unerring, dependable

Opposite/Antonyms of Infallible:

Sentence/Example of Infallible:

"Doa Estefania, have no fear; you possess an infallible preservative," exclaimed the cappellan.

When Dan put his tobacco back unbitten, it was always an infallible sign that something had gone in a way that did not suit him.

An infallible method of remembering proper names is Get the name when introduced.

But Ramona saw now, with infallible intuition, that even as she had loved Alessandro, so Felipe loved her.

This may be said to be an infallible rule, and an examination of the instruments of the most celebrated makers fully confirms it.

The tobacco grower has two signs which he regards as "infallible" in this matter.

Why were you made the angel with the infallible gaze, by whose aid I should make the universe submit?

But does this infallible sign exist either among the Papists or Protestants?

This then is an infallible sign by which to distinguish true apostles from false ones.

David Hume says of him that "could his manner be copied, its success would be infallible over a modern audience."