Infamies [noun]

Definition of Infamies:

shameful, bad reputation

Synonyms of Infamies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infamies:

Sentence/Example of Infamies:

It shall be recounted, to the perpetual infamy and dishonour of the man who uttered it.

Audacious manDefies the threats of the avenging sea,And to new shores and to new stars repeatsThe same sad tale of infamy and woe.

But this pious reverence gave place to a more mercenary spirit, and the trade in relics became a traffic of infamy and disgrace.

It was then the badge of infamy and sign of shame—the punishment of the basest of slaves and the vilest of malefactors.

Diard was placed by public opinion on the bench of infamy where many an able man was already seated.

Remember this: if you are discovered, we shall all abandon you; we shall even cast, if necessary, opprobrium and infamy upon you.

It is evidently religion; it is a zeal which renders inhuman, and which serves to cover the greatest infamy.

For everything is paid for in America, and infamy especially commands a high price.

He gave up the town to pillage and rapine, allowing the doing of such deeds as have consigned his name to well-merited infamy.

I was as good as counted among the victims of vice and infamy when you saved me, brave man!'