Infantile [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Infantile:

He led her by the hand, and confided to her infantile spirit all his thoughts, his illusions, his day-dreams.

The Scherzo is neither good nor bad; the trio is so innocent that it would be almost too infantile for a Sniegourotchka.

He listened and heard soft breathing that stopped just short of being an infantile snore.

She was apparently about six years of age, and the picture of infantile innocence and loveliness.

In respect of one symptom or several, many individuals may remain throughout life in an infantile condition.

Recently the stable fly has been found to carry the dread disease known as infantile paralysis.

Two years later, Flexner isolated the bacillus of infantile paralysis and Plotz that of typhus fever.

The schoolteacher has mixed these episodes with his teaching; he has nourished with them infantile imaginations.

Such a nonsensical and infantile rejoinder deserved no answer, and it received none.

The unfurling of the four-fold screen was always a sure sign that Nellie was taking an infantile illness seriously.