Infantryman [noun]

Definition of Infantryman:

soldier who fights on foot

Synonyms of Infantryman:

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Sentence/Example of Infantryman:

Hostetter is a former infantryman, sheriff’s deputy, SWAT officer and police chief.

A middle-class farmer who earned enough income, for example, was expected to take up the arms of heavy infantrymen and serve in the military in times of war.

Thurstane, an infantryman, and only a fair equestrian, would not have been half so effective in this combat of caballeros.

The kern or cateran of the Highlands was a light-armed infantryman, as opposed to the heavy-armed "gallowglass."

Boats are lowered away, and Jack Tar prepares to go ashore as a seaman-infantryman.

"It was to have been here over an hour ago," said the infantryman, slowly.

Presently for just a tiny fraction of time the round cap of a German infantryman appeared above the earthen protection.

Trenches dug in the foregoing manner and protected by barbed wire will give the infantryman a chance to live.

His eyes wandered from one fierce, big-nosed infantryman to another and noted the splendid physical structure of the majority.

The bomb had gone out of fashion, and it was realised that the principal weapon of the infantryman was the rifle.