Infantrymen [noun]

Definition of Infantrymen:

foot soldiers

Synonyms of Infantrymen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infantrymen:


Sentence/Example of Infantrymen:

Just outside the town a long line of infantrymen were plying pick and shovel in the formation of a system of trenches.

There were also two corps of militia, an artillery battery of fifty men and forty infantrymen.

There, I afterwards discovered, a party of forty German infantrymen had been attacked, and all of them killed.

That means that hundreds of thousands of lives of infantrymen will be sacrificed in checking the waves of enemy troops.

He saw his own infantrymen take to the communicating trenches and disappear, plainly as a part of the plan.

They are infantrymen from the same village of Provençe, enrolled in the same battalion, and wounded by the same shell.

The Algerians managed to get a footing in the German trench, and shortly afterwards French infantrymen rushed up to their support.

The shooting of the British infantrymen on the firing line was wonderful.

We have a couple of infantrymen in the wagon and another on a mule.

The infantrymen broke lines a little, leaned on their rifles, and discussed arrangements for breakfast.