Infatuate [noun]

Definition of Infatuate:

person having sexual relationship

Synonyms of Infatuate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infatuate:





Sentence/Example of Infatuate:

Infatuate, who from such a good estrange Your hearts, and bend your gaze on vanity, Alas for you!

But he had an infatuate haughtiness as to the impossibility of his retreating, and as to his right to dictate your course.

Yet we urge it on, mindless and infatuate, and plant the ill-ominous thing in our hallowed citadel.

Will it be believed that the infatuate Master Cino spent the rest of the night in a rapture of poetry?

After a month of these a fastidious writer may well infatuate a reviewer.

But as the ancient sage shrewdly observed, dementation is the prelude of doom; "whom the gods destroy they first infatuate."

Every self-preserving instinct would have shrieked at such an infatuate immolation.

It is an easy matter for a young, attractive woman to infatuate irresponsible men.

Our duty is to tame, subjugate, infatuate, and control them.

It will be a remarkable woman that will ever infatuate him now.